Tokio Marine Management

Twenty years ago a large insurance company set up a new loss control group. IMTI was selected to define the requirements and build the system. The carrier was very methodical in terms of its approach to loss control. The requirements were particularly challenging because of the HPR requirements which required extensive analysis and graphing. As the loss control group has grown, the system has grown with it.

In addition to Loss Control, IMTI now works with Tokio Marine in the areas of Inland Marine Underwriting and Premium Audit.

John Deere Insurance

Thirty-five years ago John Deere Insurance was one of the first carriers to automate loss control. IMTI was called upon to write the software for this effort. This pioneering effort was simplified because the book of the business was restricted to dealers: tractor dealers, boat dealers, auto dealers, and RV dealers. IMTI Systems automated the loss control group, developed the special classifications, and introduced the world’s first automatic loss control scoring system. Scoring was based on answers to specific questions in an approach we pioneered known as matrix scoring. The client could add new questions at will and had complete control of the scoring factors.

Twenty years later when Sentry Insurance purchased John Deere Insurance, IMTI automated Sentry’s Safety Science Services group. The group was comprised of four separate departments: National Accounts, Field Accounts, Transportation and Industrial Hygiene. IMTI was able to integrate the requirements into one coherent system that met the singular requirements of each group. Loss information was integrated into the safety evaluation process, a process IMTI pioneered. Extensive management reporting was used to provide a coherent overview of operations and Loss Control effectiveness.


When CNA purchased IMTI client Continental Insurance IMTI was called upon to build an automated loss control system servicing all aspects of its far-flung loss control operations. CNA used automated scoring over thousands of different coverage and operations. IMTI used its scoring engine to evaluate the observations and recommendations for each unique insured, to produce an overall risk evaluation.

Liberty Mutual Regional Agency Markets

When Liberty Mutual purchased IMTI client Ohio Casualty, IMTI built a far-reaching system servicing no fewer than Liberty’s nine regional companies. The loss control system fed data to Liberty’s expert underwriting system with loss control findings to automate its underwriting functions. The system also integrated back into Liberty’s mainframe policy issuance system and also into its document management system. With the system processing hundred’s of thousands of reports each year, IMTI provided service on a vast scale to Liberty and its insureds and brokers.

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