Our Company

International Management Technologies Inc. (“IMTI”) founded in 1979, is the premium technology service provider. With an extensive history in pioneering technological solutions for insurance companies and other large organizations, IMTI’s focus is on the field employee. Our products and services ensure that the loss control engineer and premium auditor have the tools to collect their data and findings in real-time. IMTI the out-sourced preferred vendor for commercial insurance companies.

With a proprietary database of over 10,000 prompts, the system allows IMTI to provide new applications in loss control and premium audit in days instead of years. When a client comes on board, IMTI can almost instantly reconfigure the existing library of programs to incorporate the requirements of new clients. The result is an application that is configurable in under one week. With the Web-Spec engine, an entirely new application and database can be created with literally the push of a button. This includes the configuration of the clients web-site, its database engine, the user interface, and the legacy system linkages. In addition, because the system is template driven, the entire look-and-feel can be changed as well. There is no need to re-program the application. Each application is unique. The customized design, implementation and deployment are almost totally automated. IMTI has leveraged this existing “know how” by introducing the first Application Service Provider (ASP) model for the commercial insurance industry. With its solid industry reputation, and profitable existing service business, IMTI has assembled a core of highly skilled professional that have rolled out systems to over 5,000 field representatives.

IMTI has a proprietary development technology which is unique. Our technology lets the system developer build applications in a fraction of the time than our competitors. Developed over three generations of technologies, the application engine called “Web-Spec” keeps the specification of the system in a unique database and is easily accessible to our developers. With this extensive database, a library of applications has been developed containing the specifications of each and every system IMTI has developed. This library contains the embedded business rules of over 100 clients in the field of loss control and premium audit.

It is this technology that gives IMTI the ability to provide enormous benefits to our clients. Without IMTI’s propriety tools, techniques, and libraries, a loss control system or premium audit system requires three to five years to create. Many corporate system groups, as well as potential competitors have tried to implement these kinds of systems, only to abandon their efforts when costs spiraled out of control. By shortening the development period to a few weeks, IMTI will create your system on-time and on-budget.

About our founder

Douglas Falkenburg founded IMTI, serving the commercial insurance community in software development and automation. In 1983 he became involved in loss control automation. As President of IMTI Systems, he pioneered the use of laptops in Loss Control, developing systems to handle commercial property, workers compensation, product liability, and boiler and machinery risks, among others. He has authored numerous articles on the use of expert systems in loss control, developing the field of automated opinion of risk and safety program self-evaluation.

Prior to founding IMTI Systems, Mr. Falkenburg worked as a management consultant manager for the consulting firm of Touche Ross and as Technology Manager for Phelps Dodge. 


He has two Bachelors of Science: in Electrical Engineering and in Biology from M.I.T. His M.B.A. in finance is from Columbia University. He is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma. Mr. Falkenburg is the programming architect for IMTI.